• Kim has been part of the Recorder’s Office administrative team for over 5 years. She started working for the Pima County Recorder's office in 2014 as an Administrative Specialist and was promoted in 2018 as the Assistant Chief Deputy. 

  • Kim brings over 30 years of experience in business and organizational management of Fortune 500 organizations and local businesses alike. Her primary roles in the Recorders Office included human resources, accounts payable, and media relations.

  • Kim has over the years focused on operational excellence, budget, legislative changes, and continuous improvement.   Her most recent assignment included working with the Department of Homeland Security, Secretary of State, and Pima County overseeing cybersecurity efforts, an important role as nationally, elections are under threat from foreign and domestic interference in elections.  

  • She has been a Certified Election Officer in the State of Arizona since 2015 and has managed various aspects of over 14 elections during her tenure.

  • During elections, it’s an all-hands-on-deck working environment. All duties from answering voter calls, to delivering supplies, to signature verifying Ballot by Mail ballots are part of everyone’s job description.  During the election season, everyone on the Recorder's office team gets involved.  Everyone's job description can be summarized as: “Yes/All of the above/Whatever is needed” especially during election season.

Four generations of Kim's family.


Kim was born in Flint Michigan but has called Tucson her home for almost 30 years. 

A strong work ethic and dedication to her community are how Kim was raised.  Her mother, now passed, was committed to raising her four children and was active in all school events.  She was the room-mother extraordinaire. Her children were her focus and her life. 


Kim's father, a devoted family man, Vietnam vet, and UAW union member is still active in the community and serves on a variety of boards. When Kim was in her teens her father ran for and won a position on the Corunna School Board.  He is an inspiration and her biggest supporter.  


Kim as Special Olympics volunteer

Kim and Ollie

Kim is the oldest with three younger brothers.  Her oldest brother, Scott (Scotchman, Scooter, Hollywood) was born three years after her with Downs Syndrome.  At a young age, Kim learned the importance of speaking up and fighting for people who don't have a voice.  Brother two is a special education teacher and the youngest brother is a corporate executive (and active in the FFA).  She has two nieces and a nephew that she adores. 


Kim has one amazing son, Zack.  Zack graduated from Mountain View High School, was a member of the marching band and the principal bassoonist of Tucson Youth Philharmonic.  Kim was a board member and president of the Band Parents Association. Zack is now working and attending college in Phoenix. 


Kim enjoys outdoor activities including golf, scenic photography, and hiking (with her boxer pup Ollie). She lives with her partner of seven years, Jim and his 92-year-old father Jack. 

Kim Challender

P.O. Box 18430

Tucson  AZ 85731

520 245-0215

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Betsy Bolding, Chair

Marshall Coyne, Treasurer

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