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The various jobs of the Recorder take time to master.   I have spent five years studying under an expert, F. Ann Rodriguez, retiring Pima County Recorder. As part of Recorder Rodriguez’s team, I have learned from the best. Our office has been recognized as one of the top Recorder’s Offices in the state. The ballot processing systems, accountability metrics, procedures, and audits implemented by our office are recognized as top in the nation. We are recognized by Congressional lawyers as well as all political parties as the standard for other counties to follow.

I started my career at the Recorder’s Office as an Administrative Specialist and worked my way up to Assistant Deputy Recorder.   I have hired, trained, and led teams of over 100 permanent and temporary staff members. I have created and managed budgets ranging from $17.5 million to the Recorder’s budget of just over six million. As IT Manager, I work in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State to ensure both the physical and cybersecurity of our elections.

The Recorder operates under a complex set of federal, state, and local laws. Failure to follow these laws can result in flawed elections and/or costly lawsuits and jeopardize the integrity of the office and more importantly, the outcome of elections.  The Recorder must keep abreast of legislative and court decisions, and quickly implement those changes.  An intimate knowledge of the processes is critical in navigating these changes.

 The Pima County Recorder's Office has often expanded on services beyond what other counties have done, while strictly adhering to the law.   We take the position that the vote of every eligible citizen must count. For example, our office has made efforts to help people prove their citizenship, so they can register.  We attempt to contact all voters whose ballot envelope signature seems questionable or whose provisional ballot lacks information.

As your next Recorder, I will continue to provide the high standards of customer service, integrity, and transparency that the citizens of Pima County have come to expect in the Recorder’s Office. 

Here I am with the top-notch team that I have been working with and learning from.  From left to right:  Chris Roads, Chief Deputy Recorder/Registrar of Voters; Pam Franklin, Special Staff Assistant and Voter Registration Manager; F. Ann Rodriguez, Recorder; and Kim, Assistant Chief Deputy

Kim Challender

P.O. Box 18430

Tucson  AZ 85731

520 245-0215

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Betsy Bolding, Chair

Marshall Coyne, Treasurer

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