Heartbreaking Story 

   "A man, so proud of his honor student daughter, making sure she is registered to vote.  When I asked about his registration he said he wasn’t able to register due to mistakes he made when he was young.  He was convicted of 2 felonies 24 years prior, did his time, and now must fight in the court system to get his voting rights restored.  This is wrong and blatant voter suppression."

Voting from Far Away


   "Our military and overseas voters are especially important to us.  They are residents of Pima County who aren't able to vote in person.  I have talked to voters stationed all over the world.  We have voted Pima County residents on every continent except Antarctica (only because we haven't had a request).  A young couple, stationed in India, used their five minutes of satellite phone service time to call our office and request ballots. They had to travel six hours by mule to receive their ballots, paid the mail carrier to wait for them to vote their ballots and then made the long trek back to their village." 

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